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Becoming a Quiz Writer

Share your passions and knowledge: become a quiz writer!

Our platform has 15 different categories covering all fields of activity. Below you will find a description of each of them. As well as some ideas for quiz themes.

Submit a theme (topic) and become an author by creating your own quiz.

Description of the categories
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Architecture


    The category encompasses everything related to the design and creation of structures, the space development, the evolution of construction techniques and the art of building while respecting aesthetics and environmental constraints.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Famous buildings
    • Extreme constructions
    • Urbanism and development
    • Techniques and engineering
    • Schools and movements
    • Architectural heritage
    • History of architecture
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Business


    This category covers the production poles of goods or services (industry, companies), how to distribute or broadcast them (transportation, communication) and to make them know (advertising, brands).

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Multinationals
    • The world of the stock market
    • Transportation evolution
    • Telecommunications
    • Big brands
    • Finance
    • Industry and development
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Cinema & television

    Cinema & television

    Cinema and television are grouped into a single category since now the two media often share the same resources, the same actors and directors and the same audience.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Hollywood
    • International cinema
    • Cinema through the ages
    • Kinds
    • TV series
    • Fictional characters
    • Legendary performers
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Education


    Education is the basis of our learning and the development of our logic. In the genre of timed quizzes, you'll have to react quickly, because here, it's not all about knowledge!

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Languages
    • Word games
    • Grammar and conjugation
    • Spelling
    • Calculation and figures
    • Quick problems
    • Logic and strategy
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – History


    Everything that has been achieved to the present day, regardless of the disciplinary field, is totally or partly linked to the notion of history. To know history is to progress. Don't we say that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it?

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Historic periods
    • States and Nations
    • Historical characters
    • Wars and conflicts
    • Exploration
    • Royalty and Dynasty
    • Prehistory
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Lifestyle


    Although the 21st century is not the leisure society foretold by futurist of the last century, the fact remains that leisure, games and entertainment are more present today than they have ever been before.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Art of the table
    • Wine and alcohol
    • Fashion
    • Games
    • Gardening
    • Cars
    • Collections
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Literature


    Writing (the tool) and literature (the work) are inseparable from human societal evolution. Taking advantage of printing, literature was able to spread the great ideas, the great currents, revolutions, fictions or the visions of thousands of women and men.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Literary periods
    • Country
    • Kinds
    • Great novels
    • Essential Authors
    • Plays
    • Comics and Graphic novels 
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Miscellaneous


    This section includes all the themes that could not find their niche among our other categories. It can be quizzes on too many topics at the same time to categorize, such as a general knowledge game or current events.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • General knowledge
    • News
    • Institutional games
    • Riddles
    • Regional questions
    • Promotional quiz
    • Games for associations
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Music


    Music is already present in some aspects in nature, but it remains one of the greatest human inventions. From antiquity to the present day, discover a variety of styles, techniques, great masters and masterpieces.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Major currents
    • Popular music
    • Classical music
    • Musical genres
    • Great Masters
    • Dance
    • Musicals
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Nature


    With the current environmental upheavals, it is essential to know more about the world in which we live in order to respect its limits. Questions about climate, biodiversity and the animals that share the planet with us.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Large ecosystems
    • Biological diversity
    • Botany
    • Endangered
    • The environment
    • Zoology
    • A still-blue planet?
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Science


    Science is omnipresent in our lives. But it has also become inaccessible for most people because it is too complex. Fortunately, one of the goals of the quiz is to demystify this complexity in order to make science more understandable.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • The physical sciences
    • Health sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Technology
    • Inventions and innovations
    • History of science
    • Daily techno
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Society


    The advent of the first cities was the hotbed of the emergence of civilization and societies. It is this organization and social cohesion that has enabled the development of thoughts on religion and philosophy and the development of new political systems.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • History of religions
    • Philosophy
    • Political regimes
    • Language
    • Traditions
    • Sociology
    • Anthropology
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Sports


    Although sport and sports competition have their origins in Antiquity, it is with the 20th century that they really exploded and widely exceeded the status of a social phenomenon to become, today, an integral part of our lives.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Sport in general
    • Special Discipline
    • Leagues
    • Great sportsmen and women
    • Competitions
    • Olympics
    • Sports cities
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – Visual arts

    Visual arts

    Providing emotions from inert material, making the abstract alive, combining beauty and functionality, creating reflection around a work, these are the goals sought by visual artists and designers.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • The great painters
    • Sculptural works
    • History of design
    • Photography
    • Essential Artists
    • Artistic currents
    • Graphics and digital art
  • Becoming a Quiz Writer – World


    An essential theme of any trivia game, the world (with its derivatives, such as geography, populations, tourism) acts as a universal subject since it refers to our habitable environment, the one that we should know among all.

    Quiz ideas for our writers
    • Country of the world
    • Major cities
    • Touristic places
    • Peoples
    • Physical geography
    • The world in numbers
    • World Heritage