Quiz Me Games is a collection of collaborative trivia games created around various themes enhanced with extensive statistics. Come and play our games!


Become a trivia writer simply by choosing a theme and creating your own game! Challenge a curious user community while sharing your knowledge.


Creating your own trivia games can be a profitable enterprise. Indeed, trivia writers have the opportunity to earn an income once their games generate profits.


Bringing players and writers together in our Quiz Me Games community helps shape our collaborative games and makes us a unique place to play and share knowledge. Being a member of our community means having access to all of our games and to all game-related stats. It means sharing with other members and maybe becoming a trivia game writer your self and possibly earning some extra income.

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There are several reasons for becoming a trivia game writer and contributing to Quiz Me Games.

For some, the sole satisfaction of sharing knowledge is a reward in itself. For others (looking for work in the industry or interested in research and publishing) having your name listed in the credits can be a useful addition to your personal CV.  Not to mention the possibility of actually being paid to write or translate trivia questions.

Collaborating with writers is essential to us, for without it, Quiz Me Games simply couldn’t exist.

Becoming a Writer

A Collection
of Games

At Quiz Me Games, our games are obviously at the center of our community. They are the main reason why players come to play and share.

Whether created by a collective of writers or by a single person, these games are developed around specific themes and linked together using advanced stats, adding more dimension and depth and resulting in a better user experience.

The purpose of our games is to learn while having fun. It’s been proven that learning through play promotes better information retention. So join Quiz Me Games and come PLAY!

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A Multitude
of Stats

Wanting to measure your progress over time or compare your performance to that of others, be it physically or intellectually can be a strong motivational tool. That’s why Quiz Me Games has developed an extensive array of statistics to suit every player’s individual needs.

Quiz Me Games’ statistics are compiled for each difficulty level, be they stats for a single game or for the whole nine yards.

Use our wide range of statistics and learn to fully leverage your knowledge while working on strengthening the more unsteady aspects of your game.

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