QMG Central Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Quiz Me Games is a collaborative platform dedicated to quiz games, designed to encourage the creation, publication, and sharing of educational content. It serves as an international hub for enthusiasts and professionals of knowledge, transforming learning into a fun and interactive experience.

The platform aims to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge through quizzes that are not only educational but also accurate and respectful. Each contribution enriches the community, providing diverse and accessible learning opportunities for everyone.

Universal Access

Quiz Me Games is accessible to anyone with internet access. The platform is compatible with a variety of devices, including mobiles, tablets, and computers at quizmegames.com. A mobile app is also available for Android users, downloadable from the Google Play Store.

We are committed to providing a welcoming and non-discriminatory platform, open to all, regardless of age, sex, race, or religion.

Free Access

The use of Quiz Me Games for creating, playing, and sharing quizzes is completely free. Certain promotional services may be offered at additional costs, which are clearly specified.

Content Creation

Every registered user can contribute to the content by creating quiz games. However, all submitted content is subject to moderation before publication to ensure it meets our quality and accuracy standards.

Quiz Me Games is available in both English and French, allowing users to create, play, and share quizzes in their language of choice. This multilingual approach supports a global and extensive educational platform.

Promotional Tool

The "Quiz Discovery" service allows advertisers to create promotional campaigns in the form of quiz games to highlight their products or services. Advertisers must ensure that their campaigns comply with advertising laws and consumer protection.

By using this service, advertisers voluntarily acknowledge that they cannot request additional details about other projects, websites, or applications managed by the publisher.

Furthermore, advertisers commit to promoting their Quiz Discovery through various channels such as social media, blogs, forums, or other promotional supports, using their capabilities to maximize the visibility of their campaign.

Intellectual Property

By submitting their quizzes to Quiz Me Games, authors contribute to a rich space for knowledge sharing and agree to transfer the intellectual property rights associated with their work. This transfer allows Quiz Me Games to use, modify, and distribute the content to maximize its reach and impact within our educational community. This collaboration ensures broad dissemination and quality maintenance of creations. Although rights are transferred, Quiz Me Games commits to valuing and recognizing the authors' work on the platform.

However, authors of Quiz Discoveries, acting as advertisers, retain the intellectual property of their content. They declare that they are the sole holders of the rights to all the content provided and confirm that they have not transferred, committed, or subjected these rights to a third party. Advertisers also guarantee Quiz Me Games against any claims, demands, or evictions that may be brought by third parties concerning the content published.

Modification of Terms

Quiz Me Games reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Users will be notified of any substantial changes through notifications on the platform or by email.

Violation of Terms

In the event of a violation of these terms and conditions, Quiz Me Games reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user's access to the platform and to take any necessary measures to protect its interests and those of other users.