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Create a Discovery Quiz

What is a Discovery Quiz?

A Discovery Quiz is a promotional quiz created by an advertiser and published on Quiz Me Games.

Why a Discovery Quiz?

More and more companies are creating promotional games to attract media and consumer attention. The Discovery Quiz responds to this demand by giving advertisers the chance to take advantage of our platform and its structured quiz presentation method.

Advertisers will be able to create, develop and manage original and innovative acquisition campaigns based on personalized quizzes. Today's consumers are scattered across a multitude of platforms and content delivery channels, so it's essential to go and get them where they are. And there are millions of them playing on the web and on mobile!

For creators or rights holders, Discovery Quizzes also represent an alternative and original means of promoting and publicizing content from all forms of artistic expression. This service is particularly aimed at publishers, producers, artists and organizations involved in content creation. With its entertaining and instructive approach, the Discovery Quiz aims to overcome the decrease in cultural coverage by traditional media.

Benefits of the Discovery Quiz for advertisers

  • Exposure: the Discovery Quizzes are available on the web and soon on mobile application, which allows a large scale exposure.
  • Bilingualism: games can be written in French and English in order to reach an even larger potential of users.
  • Global market: There were 920 million English or French speaking web or mobile gamers worldwide in 2020. Of these, 20% were playing quiz/trivia games, or more than 180 million people.
  • English-speaking market: It is estimated that nearly 140 million people who speak English as a primary or secondary language are quiz enthusiasts.
  • Player base: The large number of quizzes on the Quiz Me Games platform ensures a critical mass of players.
  • Originality: this type of quiz represents a fun method of promotion. It is inspired by infomercials that promote a product, a service or an event.
  • Credibility: access to a reliable, powerful and structured quiz platform.
  • Individual page: each Discovery Quiz is available from an individual web page that can easily be publicized by the advertiser (press release, newsletter), shared by users (digital document, social networks, email) or integrated into another media (eBook, website).
  • Engagement: Discovery Quizzes earn many more points than a normal quiz, which keeps players interested and increases the quiz's engagement rate.
  • Acquisition: Thanks to the addition of web links leading to the advertiser's sales site, the Discovery Quiz is a kind of gateway leading to a proposal to buy the product.

Publication settings

Required items provided by the advertiser

  • A minimum of 20 questions, each with 4 answer choices and one additional answer..
  • An image/photo to represent the quiz.
  • A short text presenting the work and/or a short bio of the author.
  • A link to a site where the advertiser's product can be purchased.
  • Images (1 to 6) for the photo gallery on the quiz homepage.
  • An introductory image that will be displayed when the quiz is launched.
  • An interstitial ad that will be inserted between two questions.
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