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Quiz Me Games is a free collaborative platform for creating and playing quizzes. It is available in French or English from a phone, tablet or computer.

Here is an overview of the main features of Quiz Me Games:


  • Anyone registered with Quiz Me Games can become a quiz writer.
  • A writer must submit a minimum of 50 questions per quiz.
  • The quiz creation gives exposure to a writer: personal page on the platform, credit on each quiz, writer of the month, announcements on social networks.


  • A player has 10 seconds to answer a question by selecting one of the 4 answer choices.
  • A game consists of 5 questions and lasts less than a minute.
  • Each answer has bonus information to put it into context.
  • The questions, of varying value, are classified into three levels of difficulty: standard (10 points), advanced (15 points) and extreme (20 points).
  • The questions are organic and adaptable to the players, as they can change their difficulty level by themselves depending on their success rate.
  • Quizzes are divided into 7 series and 12 categories.
  • Players can access to a wide range of statistics.
  • The Quiz Me Games Index (iQ) is a new statistic specifically to Quiz Me Games.