Think you know a lot about Christmas traditions, stories, songs and movies? Come and play to learn more.

After this quiz, Christmas, with its traditions, songs and films, will no longer hold any secrets for you.
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Game creation: 2021-12-17 | Photo credit: Pixabay | Photo credit (thumbnail): Pixabay

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  • In the Bible, who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds?

    The Three Magi | The Apostles | Herod the Great | Angels
  • According to tradition, which animals pull Santa's sleigh?

    Donkeys | Oxen | Reindeer | Horses
  • Who wrote the story "A Christmas Carol" in 1843?

    Charles Dickens | Mark Twain | Lewis Carroll | Hans Christian Andersen
  • What does the Yule log stand for?

    The material of the Christmas crib | The benches that were put around the table | The log that was put on the fire on Christmas Eve | The Christmas tree
  • What astronomical event is responsible for the choice of December 25 for Christmas?

    The equinox | The winter solstice | Halley's Comet | The Shepherd's Star

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3.00 Gilligan72
2.77 Savancosinus
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1.82 Catou
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