Companies and Multinationals

Companies and Multinationals

They are everywhere in our lives and have acquired enormous political weight over the decades and with the emergence of globalization: they are the large companies and the multinationals.

Large companies and the multinationals are everywhere in our lives. You know them...
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  • Which German pharmaceutical and agrochemical company was the first to synthesize aspirin in 1897?

    Astra | Merck | Bayer | Pfizer
  • From a restaurant opened in 1940, this company has grown into a fast food giant.

    Burger King | Wendy's | AandW | McDonald's
  • This company specializing in design and retail was founded by Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17.

    Ashley | HandM | IKEA | Target
  • When it was founded in 1997, this company offered an online service for renting and buying DVDs delivered to your home.

    Comcast | HBO | Netflix | Hulu
  • The flagship product of this company specializing in sodas and soft drinks was created in 1886.

    PepsiCo | Schweppes | Coca-Cola | Dr Pepper

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